Akari Amano, 7 year old piano student of Dr. Julie Jordan is featured at Steinway Hall--July 17, 2008--Thursday at Noon

By julie - Posted on 13 July 2008

Akari Amano, will be presented as a star student of Dr. Julie Jordan, by Steinway and Sons this coming Thursday, July 17, 2008. Akari will perform works by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Czerny and Schumann; she will also read through the first movement of the Haydn D Major Piano Concerto with Julie Jordan at the second piano. Originally from Tokyo, Japan, Akari began lessons in 2005 with Dr. Jordan, who also has taught her mother, Yuko Amano at The Juilliard School Evening Division Piano IV Class several years ago. Akari has already performed twice in Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall as part Julie Jordan's studio...she won first prize in the International B and B Piano Competition and has perform in several Manhattan venues together with her mother and father, both amateur flutists, duets with her mother, and piano solos. Art, Yuko and Akari Amano moved last year to Doylestown, Pennsylvania where she just complete the first grade and served as accompanist in her school choral musical. While in Doylestown, Akari has also had lessons in at the Delaware Valley Conservatory and made the three hour journey up to New York City for visits and lessons every few weeks as schedule and weather would permit. The Amano family will be moving back to Japan in September and has already been invited back to join Julie Jordan's piano class, performing again in Weill Recital Hallon December 17, 2008. Thursday's Recital at Steinway Hall, 109 W.57th St. is free and open to all.